Water, wind, and sunshine. When contemplating how to go renewable, it is pretty fantastic to have these three options. It is no surprise, then, that nearly all of the electricity generated in Manitoba comes from renewable sources. Hydroelectricity makes up the majority of the generation, representing a whopping 97%! Wind power is the fastest growing source and has exciting potential. It pairs well with hydroelectricity, since water can be stored in reservoirs and used when the wind isn’t blowing. Wind in Manitoba is the strongest in the winter, which is when the province has the highest power demands. On top of this, Manitoba has the third best solar potential of any province and territory, with some of the sunniest winters in the country! Manitoba has a vertically integrated sector design, whereby Manitoba Hydro is the publicly owned utility that manages the production, transmission, and distribution of electricity in the province.


Electricity Use By Sector (TWh)

2040 Projection

Electric Capacity - Manitoba

Distribution of Energy Across Manitoba