New Brunswick

They say never put all of your eggs in one basket, and New Brunswick took this to heart with its electricity mix. New Brunswick has a diverse electricity generation profile. It is the only province, outside of Ontario, that generates nuclear power, which makes up about 37% of its total generation. The next biggest sources are fossil fuels, which supply 34% of the province’s electricity, and hydroelectricity, which supplies 22%. The province also has substantial wind power that accounts for about 6% of the total supply. The province has excellent wind potential, especially because the strongest winds occur during the winter months, when electricity demand is the highest. It also has strong solar potential, ranking sixth among provinces and territories in Canada, and has similar sunlight levels as Germany, which is a world leader in solar. There is also hydroelectric potential in New Brunswick, with the rivers in the province being the ideal spot for small hydroelectric projects. New Brunswick Power, a crown corporation, manages the transmission system in the province and generates more than 88% of the province’s total capacity.


Electricity Use By Sector (TWh)

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Electric Capacity - New Brunswick

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