And the award for the most electricity generation from renewable electricity goes to… Quebec! A majority of the credit goes to the hydroelectric dams in the province as they produce over 90% of Quebec’s electricity generation. However, Quebec’s favourable conditions for renewable energy goes beyond hydropower. The province has high solar potential, ranking fourth out of the thirteen provinces and territories and has many regions with excellent wind potential. In fact, wind power is Quebec’s second biggest source of electricity, making up about 5% of its total generation. Quebec has a vertically integrated electricity management system; HydroQuebec is the publicly owned utility that manages electricity in the province.


Budweiser Canada Renewable Energy Commitment

Did you know that globally by 2025, all Budweiser will be brewed with 100% renewable energy? Budweiser Canada recently announced an exciting new agreement and is purchasing 51% of the electricity generated from Capital Power’s 75-megawatt Enchant Solar facility in Taber, Alberta. The Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from this partnership will cover 3x the electricity needed to brew Budweiser in Canada.

Electricity Use By Sector (TWh)

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