Saskatchewan, the sunshine capital of the country. That’s right, this province has the highest solar potential of anywhere in Canada, especially in the southern parts of the province. It also has some of the highest wind power potential in the country. This region really could be a renewable leader. The province currently generates around 20% of its electricity from renewable sources, which are predominantly hydroelectricity and wind-based. About 80% of Saskatchewan’s electricity generation comes from fossil fuels. As a result of using coal and natural gas, Saskatchewan’s electricity sector produces the second highest amount of greenhouse gas emissions, after Alberta. Looking forward, there are many exciting projects planned for Saskatchewan, including multiple large-scale wind energy projects. Electricity is primarily managed by SaskPower, a public utility. While it generates most of the province’s electricity, about 20% comes from independent power producers.


Budweiser Canada Renewable Energy Commitment

Did you know that globally by 2025, all Budweiser will be brewed with 100% renewable energy? Budweiser Canada recently announced an exciting new agreement and is purchasing 51% of the electricity generated from Capital Power’s 75-megawatt Enchant Solar facility in Taber, Alberta. The Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from this partnership will cover 3x the electricity needed to brew Budweiser in Canada.

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