Nova Scotia

The tides are turning in a big way in Nova Scotia. As part of the province’s efforts to increase renewable electricity generation, it is increasing support for new tidal projects. As of 2020, Nova Scotia is home to the only tidal power plant in North America! Historically, the province has been largely dependent on fossil fuels for electricity generation, but in the past decade it has seen significant increases in renewables. In 2019, fossil fuels supplied around 78% of the electricity in the province. Because of this, the electricity generation sector is the largest greenhouse gas emitting sector in the province, making up over 42% of its total emissions. 11% of the province’s generation came from wind, which makes it a national leader in wind energy as a percentage of total generation capacity. Hydropower makes up around 11% of the province’s generation. But, generation doesn’t tell the whole story, as Nova Scotia also purchases renewable electricity from Newfoundland and Labrador, which reaches the province through 170 km of subsea cables! Nova Scotia’s electricity sector is privatized and Nova Scotia Power generates the majority of the province’s power.


Electricity Use By Sector (TWh)

2040 Projection

Electric Capacity - Nova Scotia

Distribution of Energy Across Nova Scotia