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Forward thinking companies are recognizing the fundamental changes taking place in the energy sector and are seizing opportunities from this transition. Today, there is a strong business case for companies to rethink how they source and consume electricity. There are actions that not only result in lower and more stable electricity bills, energy security, and improved public relations, but also support broader efforts to achieve a low-carbon future. 

Local and national climate and energy policies are shifting, and taking action today can help ensure your business is ahead of the curve.

Improve Your Business' Energy Efficiency

Improve Your Business' Energy Efficiency

It is important to evaluate your business’ consumption of electricity and, more broadly, energy. Improving the energy efficiency of a business is often the easiest and fastest way to take action and encouraging the adoption of behaviours that eliminate unnecessary use of electricity can go a long way. This can take the form of workshops, training, or other resources that are made available to key stakeholders within your value chain. Further reductions can come from upgrading or replacing equipment to improve their energy efficiency or integrating smart technologies to optimize the energy efficiency of certain systems. Consider companies like Green Target Engineering to have a professional energy audit done for your business.
Develop an Energy Strategy

Develop an Energy Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses to achieve their energy and financial objectives. Developing a comprehensive energy strategy for your business can help define objectives and establish the best path to reach them. These strategies may consider the opportunities to improve energy efficiency and source renewable electricity, and identify who needs to be involved. For details on how to develop an Energy Strategy for your company, check out the World Business Council for Sustainability’s Guidelines for an Integrated Energy Strategy.
Financial Help

Financial Help

Visit the Government of Canada's Directory of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs for an up-to-date list of commercial incentives and rebates. Want to see more incentives in your area? Tell your local MP why it is important to you!

Use Renewable Energy!

There are multiple options for procuring your business’ electricity from renewable sources. If you’re interested in investing in renewable power, there are businesses out there to help you! Energy Hub and Bluewater Energy are examples of companies that can provide expertise and cost estimates. 

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Ask Your Current Utility Provider

It's simple! Ask your current utility provider what green energy options they have available. You'll never know until you ask!

Invest in Renewable Power

Despite high upfront costs, renewable energy systems such as solar panels or wind turbines can have significant returns on investment and can act as a source of extra revenue if unused electricity can be sold back to the grid.

Join a Renewable Power Generation Project

By joining or leading a project, you are enabling the economies of scale, risk sharing, and system efficiencies. 

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